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My Personal Website V1

This is the first iteration of my website. For years I wanted my own little place people could visit. A location, where I could showcase my work to the world. This was my first attempt at creating anything of subtance on my own.

May 1, 2017  •  8 min read

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The Kodeability App Website

This was the first website I ever created to teach myself the basics of static web development (HTML, CSS) and basics of design (Typography, Images, Color Theory, Layouts).

Mar 22, 2017  •  3 min read

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Let's connect

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My Personal Website V2

Apr 22, 2018 • 1 min read


This is the second iteration of my website. I streamlined the appearance significantly and removed some redundent aspects from the previous version. This site was done completely in CSS, HTML, jQuery, and Jekyll to ultimately keep it very simple.

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Project Synopsis

This second iteration of my site was primarily a redesign of my personal brand to tell a more consistent and streamlined story of myself and my works.

Tools, Technologies, and Skills

  • VS Code text editor
  • Github for version control and hosting
  • Jekyll for static website templating
  • Gulp build system for project resources and tools management
  • jQuery


There was minimal planning for this project, it didn't require any. I finished the site in about 2 days which included redoing the CSS, throwing some javascript in the site for some dynamic content, and moving all my old works from my previous site to this new one. Below are the only two mockups I created for my site.

Personal site v2 mockup 1
Personal site v2 mockup 2

Challenges, Issues, and their Resolutions

There were no significant "challenges" during this project that impeded my progress.